Product Information

Are the items you sell factory sealed?

Shop with confidence knowing that all of our boxes and cases are guaranteed to be factory sealed and unsearched. We source our products directly from the manufacturer or trusted sources on the secondary market, ensuring quality and authenticity.

What can I do if an item I was looking at purchasing recently jumped in price?

The market for trading cards and memorabilia shares similarities with the stock market, with prices fluctuating based on various factors such as sports events, player performance, and team performance. Diamond Cards Online retains the right to adjust prices in response to market trends to stay competitive.

My product guaranteed more hits than I received. What can I do?

Although rare, it's possible to receive fewer "hits" than the number guaranteed on the manufacturer's box. If this happens, you should contact the manufacturer within a year of the product's release, providing proof of purchase. The manufacturer will compensate you in some way for the shortfall. We're here to help with any further information you require to resolve the issue with the manufacturer.

Can I still receive my card even though I got an expired redemption card after purchasing a box?

When buying older trading card products, be aware that they may include expired redemption cards. While the manufacturer may offer compensation with a replacement card of similar value, it's not always guaranteed. As a buyer of older trading card products, you assume the risk of receiving expired redemption cards.

I found a lower price on another website. Will you match the price?

At our company, we aim to offer the most competitive prices in the market and value your business. Although we often purchase items directly from manufacturers to keep prices low, sometimes we have to buy from secondary sources at higher costs. If you have a price match request, please get in touch with our sales team, and we'll do our best to match the price whenever possible.