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2020 Topps Luminaries Baseball Cards

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2020 Topps Luminaries Baseball Cards

Catering to the high-end MLB card market, 2020 Topps Luminaries Baseball has only premium autographs numbered to 15 copies or less.

Each box has just one encased card, but they are all showcase low-numbered signatures.

2020 Topps Luminaries Baseball Autographs

Covering current and former players, the bulk of the 2020 Topps Luminaries Baseball checklist is split between the on-card Hit Kings, Home Run Kings and Masters of the Mound sets. Naturally, the first two focus on the bat-wielding stars, while Masters of the Mound covers notable pitchers. Hard-signed base versions are numbered to 15 copies and joined by Red (#/10), Blue (#/5) and Black (1/1) parallels.

2020 Topps Luminaries Baseball Cards Home Run Kings Autograph Pete Alonso

Numbered to 15 or less, the debuting inserts include Spark of Light Autographs and Spark of Light Dual Autographs for "the best and brightest of the next generation of MLB stars." Both options add a one-of-one Gold parallel.

In addition, various one-of-one booklet cards expand the coverage with multi-paneled autographs, including Hit Kings Ultra Book (10 players), Hit Kings Ultimate Book (40 players), Home Run Kings Ultra Book (10 players), Home Run Kings Ultimate Book (50 players), Masters of the Mound Ultra Book (10 players), and The Greatest Book Card (30 players).

2020 Topps Luminaries Baseball Cards Masters of the Mound Ultra Book Autographs

2020 Topps Luminaries Baseball Autograph Relics

Adding a game-used memorabilia swatch to many of the autograph options noted above, the auto-relic selection for 2020 Topps Luminaries Baseball is largely grouped as batter and pitcher inserts.

Autograph Relic cards (#/15) offer Blue (#/10) and Black (1/1) parallels, as well as Autograph Patch (#/15) cards with Black (1/1) parallels. This applies to Hit Kings, Home Run Kings and Masters of the Mound subjects.

2020 Topps Luminaries Baseball Cards Hit Kings Autograph Relic Blue Bryce Harper

There are also one-of-one Dual Autograph Patch cards for the insert trio, as well as Home Run Kings Triple Autograph Patch cards.

Promising quality relic pieces, the Letter Book (1/1) cards utilize game-used nameplate letters and on-card signatures.

New in 2020, Spark of Light Autograph Patch (#/15 or less) and Spark of Light Dual Autograph Patch (#/15 or less) cards highlight up-and-coming players.

2020 Topps Luminaries Baseball Cards Spark of Light Dual Autograph Patch Bo Bichette Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

2020 Topps Luminaries Baseball Cut Signatures

Rounding out the high-end release, collectors can find rare Cut Signatures (1/1), Cut Signature Relics (1/1), Cut Signature Bat Knob Book cards.

2020 Topps Luminaries Baseball Cards Cut Signature Bat Knob Book Roger Hornsby

Estimated Release Date: August 5, 2020
Product Configuration: 1 card per pack, 1 pack per box, 12 boxes per case

2020 Topps Luminaries Baseball Hobby Box Break

  • 1 Encased Autograph

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