Pre-Order Policy


A pre-order is an order you place prior to the official release date of a product. You place a pre-order by entering all of your details as if you were ordering the item, but you will not receive the item until it is live.

Pre-ordering ensures you will receive the item, and it may even be shipped so that you receive it on the live date. Waiting until the product is officially released may decrease your chances of purchasing the item, especially if its production is limited.

Pre-ordered items will ship when we receive them at our warehouse. We do not hold orders to ship multiple pre-ordered items together. We may hold orders containing pre-ordered items WITH packs or supplies until the item is live. If you require your packs/boxes and/or supply orders to ship immediately, please order these items separately and do not combine with pre-order products.

Please note the following as they pertain to pre-order purchases:

Pre-order purchases and pricing are binding.

In rare/special circumstances, we may allow for the cancellation of pre-orders by request only. Should your pre-order cancellation request be granted, please note that refunds will be credited via Diamond Cards Store Credit only and will be subject to a 50% pre-order cancellation fee. No exceptions.

Pre-order purchase price is subject to market conditions. Please understand that the pre-order pricing you pay when placing your pre-order may change before the live release date and shall not be lowered under any circumstance.