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Preview: 2020 Topps Tribute baseball cards

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2020 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards

What: 2020 Topps Tribute baseball cards
Arrives: Feb. 12

Box basics: Three autographs and three Relics per six-pack box (six boxes per case)
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2019 Topps Tribute baseball will arrive for a new year with the familiar format but plenty of new names as well as a new look and some new touches.

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Base cards will be found twice per pack in this one with Rookie Cards found just two times per case and a checklist limited to only 10 top players. Both sets will include at least four parallels and possibly more. So far, we know of Green (/99), Purple (/50), Red (/10) and 1/1 Black versions just like this year. ... Franchise Best and Tribute to Great Hitters autographs will both be guaranteed one per case. Each of these will be limited to no more than 99 copies with Purple (/50), Orange (/25), Red (/10) and 1/1 Black parallels -- except there's no Purple for the Best cards. New this time? A Tribute Career Achievement Award auto set with every card of Mike Trout and every card being a 1/1 creation. ... For memorabilia card fans, there will be Milestone Relics (/10) that have a piece of an MLB ball from a milestone moment. These will have Black Jumbo auto versions that will be 1/1 cards. Joining them will be Stamp of Approval Relics (/150) with MLB Authentication-approved pieces as well as dual Relics (/150) and Tribute Relics also limited to that volume. Each of these will have the same Green-Purple-Orange-Red-Black rainbow of parallels with the same volumes. ... For autographs, there will be at least six sets this time around. Leading off will be Tribute Autos (/TBD) with Blue (/150), Green (/99), Purple (/50), Orange (/25), Red (/10) and 1/1 Black as well as printing plates. There also will be Iconic Perspectives autos (/99) with Orange, Red and Blakc versions as well as League Inauguration autos (/99) with the same parallels. Atop those will be Team Tandems book autos (/25) with Red and Black versions as well as an Autograph Patches set (/50) with Reds and Blacks as well as Prime versions with MLB Authentication stickers.

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