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2019 Topps Update baseball cards

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2019 Topps Update baseball cards

2019 Topps Update baseball cards
Arrives: Oct. 16
Box basics:
One autograph or Relic per 24-pack hobby box (12 boxes per case); or one autograph and two Relics per 10-pack jumbo box (six boxes per case)
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What's buzz-worthy: The Update series of Topps' flagship set for 2019 arrives with a new wave of rookies, some new high-end inclusions and more surprises. One of them? The Silver bonus packs will be put directly into boxes this time around.

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The Basics: The base set will consist of 300 cards -- a mix of veterans, rookies, highlights, All-Stars and Home Run Derby contestants. Each will have at least 12 parallels with rainbow foil, 150th Anniversary foil stamp, Gold (/2,019), vintage stock (/99), Independence Day (/76), (Black /67), Mother's Day Pink (/50), Father's Day Blue (/50), Memorial Day Camo (/25), Clear (/10) and 1/1 Platinum as well as printing plates. ... There also will be short-prints (rare and rarer) and short-printed autographs, too.

On the insert front, there will be three 150 Years of Professional Baseball sets -- Greatest Players, Greatest Moments and Greatest Seasons -- once again with each of them having 150th Anniversary parallels (/150) as well as Blue, Black (/299), Gold (/50), Red (/10) and 1/1 Platinum. Some will have autographed versions limited to no more than 25 copies. Other inserts in this one will include The Family Business, Est. 1869, Iconic Card Reprints and 1984 Topps cards. The sets will have the same parallels for the most part except for the reprints, which will have just the 150th and autographed versions. There also will be 1984 Jumbo cards that will be box-toppers for Jumbo boxes.

As for hits, there will be Legacy of Baseball Autographs with those having 150th parallels (/150) as well as Gold, Red and Platinum versions. There also will be a new batch of 1984 autos with the same parallels but the Reds only in Hobby boxes and the Platinums only in Hobby and Jumbo. There also will be Topps Reverence patch autos (/10) with Red (/5) and 1/1 Platinums as well as All-Star Stitches (/5) with Red (/10) and 1/1 Gold versions. There also will be duals (/25) with the same parallels as well as All-Star jumbo patch autos (/10) with the Red (/5) and 1/1 Gold parallels. Joining them? Some 1/1 cut autos.

On the Relic side, Major League Material Relics with 150th (/150), Gold (/50), Red (/25) and 1/1 Platinum parallels along with All-Star Stitches with Silver (/50), Red (/25) and 1/1 Gold. Joining those will be All-Star jumbo patches (/5) with 1/1 Reds, All-Star Stitches duals (/25) and triples (/25) and 1/1 Own the Name Relics. Rounding things out will be MLB 150th Anniversary medallion cards (/150) and they'll be Hobby- and Jumbo-only finds with 150, Gold (/99), Red (/10), Platinum (1/1) and autographed versions (/10).

Silver bonus packs will be inserted into boxes with Hobby boxes getting one, Jumbo boxes getting two with the 1984 design also being used once again with autos and parallels possible.

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